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Bully Culture?

(Includes TIPS for dealing with bully enforcers)

Perhaps 2020 will be remembered forever as the in-your-face unveiling of the Bully Culture. When have we ever read so many headlines or seen so many videos:

● of excessive force by “security” and police1 against mothers, seniors, bloggers, beach-strollers, bench-sitters, coffee clients, park-playing moms ‘n dads, investigative reporters, BQ bravehearts, and on and on? [Be aware, however, of what appears to be some acts of excessive force staged and posted online to support defunding and hate-the-police agendas.]
● of crowds of intimidating enforcers flocking a family’s doorway in nigh-riot gear, then careening up stairways with guns drawn to burst in upon terrified (dangerous?) children?
● of (deceived? terrified?) believers demanding that more distancing, isolation, quarantine, stay-at-home, masking, lockout, lockdown, border closures, etc., etc. be imposed upon others?
● of check-stops checking for cohort and good Samaritan2 infractions and of airline thugs?
● of threats for mandatory vaccinations and deeper controls if non-flocking “rams” don’t religiously sheepify to the new normal? the new god? to pscience?3
● of politicians encouraging rat-line reporting?
● and on and on.

So what can we do to prepare for all the bullies and budding bullies of this allegedly new normal culture? What if an enforcer4 comes to your door or check-stops you for some COVID infraction and begins to act like a bully.

The following TIPS may work sometimes, and other times not, depending on the power-complex of the confronting enforcer(s). The suggestion is to engage enforcers in calm, civil inquiry while handing them a Notice of Liability. You can even use the expression: “This is to keep you safe and to keep me safe.” or “This is to help you honor your oath to uphold rights and freedoms and to avoid trespass.”

PDF: Notice of Liability ~ Trespass

Considering the rapid escalation of bullying, it may help to have a large “No Trespassing” sign already posted on your home or business doorway along with the above PDF “Notice of Liability” for advance reading by enforcers, Printout several copies of the PDF using one 8 1/2” x 11” printout with the NT sign. Other PDF copies (printed front and back and cut-in-half) can be used to hand-out to each enforcer who shows up. Remember to insert the date and adjust trespass fines, if desired. Or you can use the “Notice: Liability” found here5 at Christopher James’ site: A Warrior Calls
TIPS when encountering enforcers:

▪ Record the entire encounter (visual and audio) if you can, advising of such.
▪ Have several informed, but silent, non-interfering witnesses present, if possible.
Be civil and express understanding (if appropriate) of the dilemma that many enforcers face when forced to choose between honoring their conscience and service oath and retaining their jobs.
▪ Know your stuff [PDF: Common Law | Essential Facts | 1.2.3.(4.) requirements] well enough to repeat, repeat, question, question, assert, assert as needed.
▪ Request to see, retain, copy, or photo all documents, warrants, ID cards, badges, etc.
▪ Observe if documents or warrants are signed and ask: “Whose signature?” if unknown.
Do not be intimidated. (As Christopher James says: “You are stronger than you think.”)
▪ Do NOT consent to the trespass of your property.
▪ Do not resist forced arrest or forced trespass, but repeatedly proclaim your non-consent.
▪ Ask, if you can: “What is your right or authority to treat me as property?”
▪ If you are forced to sign something, end it with SUD (or Signed Under Duress) and insist on obtaining a full copy immediately (photo if necessary).
▪ If a ticket is written up and offered, say: “I accept this ONLY as evidence that a trespass is occurring. I do NOT accept this as a contract of obligation or payment.”
▪ Document and record every detail of the encounter as soon as possible.

You must individually decide what you will do with bullies. They can be deaf and unpredictable having varying degrees of power-complex. There is no guarantee that this approach will de-escalate a confrontation; it may, in some instances, escalate it, but at least it may give options for a common law remedy to pursue if trespass occurs. You decide what is best in your circumstances.

Become more informed at A Warrior Calls.6 Stand strong, but we must be respectful and honorable in all we do.

PS: There are various researchers / activists holding an online conference exploring counter-solutions to “The Great Reset” nightmare that is being presented by the powers as a dream Utopia for world problems. The activists’ conference is set for January 25-29 and 31. See an invitation here7 or their website here.8

Note: Many common and equity law people do not use the word child, just man or woman, but as the Bible refers 2,036 times to children or child, I use it. Also, in my view, a child is not property of parents in the general sense, but in a special sense, since they cannot be bought or sold without consequence. The harming and abuse of children has become a true pandemic in this latter days.

1. Yes, many police have a power-complex that has not been educated or disciplined out of them, but defunding the police is the last thing we need in these troubled times. They need awakening and reminding that police are public servants under oath to protect life, liberty, and property of the PEOPLE; and that their alleged duties and obligations to an employer cannot ever trump rights and freedoms of the people, whatever the alleged crisis. Many are between a rock and a hard place — between their conscience and their job security. It is an agonizing place to be. We should not defund them, we should pray for and educate them to stand as defenders against the Utopians ( ) that are intent on destroying the best of what it means to be human.
4. (including hired trackers, tracers, inspectors, public health officials, bylaw officers, etc.)
5. or in his Downloads section. If you spend some time on this site in the foundation knowledge and case work sections, you can gain more confidence in holding you own with the bullies that front for service corporations like police, public health, bylaw officers, etc. I acknowledge use of this site in developing my PDF though I have added things from my own observation and experience that Christopher James may not approve.
6. His landing page is at His Bitchute site channel is at