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A Better World ?

Yes, indeed! It’s getting better and better—isn’t it? If you don’t believe, or you find yourself asking, “For whom?” take a listen to the Ira Basen documentary, “In The Valley of the Kings”1 [Silicon Valley, that is] (42.06 min.) at

The world is certainly an over-regulated, mixed-up mess, but do we really think that monetizing / capitalizing, the new “sharing economy” via BIG corporations with clever apps and no regulation is the nirvana we seek? The myth of corporate beneficence2 is almost as true as touting that a “sharing economy” is sharing when everything is for rent.

We have to admit though that there is financial genius in app-controlled, independent little guys doing all the work while the BIG guys skim off the top for providing an automated connection. Except it seems more like “back to the future”—like back to a serfing3 paradigm. Seems like the little guy always gets the squeeze in pursuit of the bottom line.

We should also admit that it does present as a profitable step-up from the Nike, et al. model. Those old-style companies divested themselves of factories, workers, permits, licenses, properties, etc., etc., etc, and claimed ownership only in third-party, third-world  manufactured product. But with the new “sharing” apps, these new companies (like Uber and Airbnb) don’t even have product to warehouse or sell—no cars, no driver costs, no repairs, no houses, no towels or bedding or breakfasts—nothing, niente, nada. All that detail-stuff hangs to the little guy. And yes, sometimes it is good for the little guy and the consumer, but where there is an opening for power and gain, as night follows day, the “sharing-app” execs will find a way to control and exploit with no one to control them.

Besides, in the déjà vus of history, when did the bottom-line make anything safer? (Ask Nader.) When did it bring out the best in integrity? (Observe the tobacco, auto, banker, Wall Street, etc. boys.) When did it foster fundamental human rights? (Read a BIG corp. employment contract.) When did it truly serve the little guy with equity? (Ask the little guy.)

We keep looking to technology to solve our escalating problems and shortcomings, but what if the best solution is not in tech at all—even with all its best advances? What if a better world is in consciousness of spirit and love for our fellow human beings? Yes, let tech be a valuable resource—but please, can’t we keep it free from the prison of corporatism?4

1. See the CBC Sunday Edition program ad and cartoon at . Documentary aired Sunday morning, February 22, 2015.
4. This label with 30+ posts details many of this writer’s views about corporatism at