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A brief analysis of Edmonton City Council meeting, November 20, 2020*


This analysis is to remind us of Stanley Milgram1 —  to raise, once AGAIN, the “shocking” revelations of his 1960’s experiments into human nature and mankind’s propensity to obey perceived “authority” even in the face of supposed moral values and appeals to empathy. Milgram was trying to understand the high compliance / complicity within 1930-40’s Germany. But now in 2020, we don’t have to reflect back to Germany, we have only to observe last week in Edmonton, Alberta.

The passivity of Edmonton mayor and councillors (12 of 13) in extending the mask mandate is classic compliance / complicity with perceived “authority” in contravention of moral values (rights and freedoms) and citizen appeals to empathy. The science of health is overwhelmingly against masking and against all the other COVID tyrannies,2 but truth cannot be openly discussed or admitted in this age of kowtowing to the reigning “labcoats” — those servitors of the Powers. It was as if Council members heard nothing in the November 13th public hearing; as if nothing could matter but trusting in / obeying the scripted narrative; as if they could not see how they manifest a transparent mockery of their earnest presenters3 by extending, not just to the initially proposed May 31, but by extending the extension to December 31, 2021, all in the name of “practicality.”

Alberta Health Services (AHS) was unable(?) to field a “Dr. Spokesman” during the speakers’ forum November 13th, but found one for solo, uncontested presentation on the 20th. Perhaps Council should have considered the symbolism in the doctor’s utterly garbled beginning such that he had to disconnect and reconnect.

Did Council really think they would get anything more than affirming “facts” out of an AHS doctor whose job depends on him following the mandated, global narrative?4 How long would CMO Dr. Hinshaw keep her job if she questioned the stats? if she didn’t parrot the program? if she allowed counter-narrative proofs? if she even admitted there was credible opposition to the control agenda? And what if she had the temerity to direct investigators to scour for deliberate contamination (of masks, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, air filters, misting / fogging decontaminants, etc., etc.) by a network of those obsessed with pursuing global control under cover of COVID? Strange, is it not, how areas of higher resistance to controls seem to have greater escalating “case” counts?

But back to Edmonton: Last Friday, Council demonstrated that SM stands for more than Stanley Milgram in these obedience cases of masking, distancing, isolation, lockdown, business closure, quarantine, etc., etc. What Edmonton (and hundreds of other jurisdictions) expose, with every new rule and extension, is the sado-masochistic programming now in play:

Let us all consent to harm / injure / shock / damage others, self, and society
(all under cover of COVID)! and it mattereth not whether it be motivated
through force, fear, fraud, or favor, it’s all for the coming good
[of the Utopian architects / dreamers / profiteers].
This is not to say there is no COVID-related sickness and death, but when sickness and death can and have been bioengineered (with plenty of witness and history), then it’s time to stop blaming Mother Nature, partiers, and protesting dissidents for the exploding “cases.”

So, Edmonton, can you answer this? What has become of your coat of arms: your Industry, your Integrity, your Progress in the past 10 months?

How many more months are you going to acquiesce to your own decline? Or are you counting on a Great Reset in the image of Klaus Schwab & friends?5

Open your eyes! Return to courage.
2. (Just a few of hundreds possible.)
▪ What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns ( | November 24, 2020 | Time: 9:08) at
▪ The Great Barrington Declaration:
▪ Whom Do We Believe:
▪ Dr. Roger Hodkinson: at A Warrior Calls
▪ Community and Public Services Committee 11/13/2020 at (presenters begin at hour 4:09:16; Dr. Roger Hodkinson at 8:25:49)
▪ NOTE: In contrast to the science of health,  the science of power, control, and tyranny favors all things COVID and history is an unrelenting witness that Power (99.999%) will always do whatever it takes to pursue and protect greater power, gain, glory, control.
3. Community and Public Services Committee 11/13/2020 at (presenters begin at circa hour 4:09:16)
4. The unity, synchronicity, and worldwide staging of the same tyrannical rules is too obvious to pretend this power-play does not have a single script, an unyielding director, and witting / unwitting servitors like Edmonton Council.
5. Head of global economic group reveals plan for post-COVID worldwide ‘reset’ (LifeSiteNews | Oct. 28, 2020 |

▪ Who are Schwab’s we in “remaking the world we want”?
▪ Has Edmonton become an indentured servitor to the Strong Cities Network and the Powers-that-Be(lieve) in A Great Reset — a turning of all things upside down?
▪ Are Schwab’s fine sounding words just déjà vu the (great, failed) fraud perpetrated circa 230 years ago under cover of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”?
▪ Is this where we want to be headed? (beheaded?) The Great Reset?
**Thanks to the artist and to the one who re-posted it at Liberty Network Canada: