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A Gem of a (School*) Play?

[SMS to US & the MSM]

A friend sent me an email titled “Gems of covid goodness.” The first line of the text read: “This video has several gems of the positive fallout from corona virus.” It was a Tom Campbell1 special. I had already listened to a portion of it, but it was not the first reference to the positives of COVID that I had encountered.2 Such references strike me as macabre because of my 119% conviction, in light of history, witness, motive, means, opportunity, and agenda (Remember the Georgia Guidestones,3 the Rockefeller labs,4 etc., etc.,) that we are in the midst of a bio-warfare event planned, initiated, and perpetrated by a hypocritical nation.

Thus it strikes me AS IF a favorite cousin (C1) were murdered and we gathered as a small family (conforming to regulations for gatherings) to comfort one another and after a time of (socially-distanced) tears, another cousin5 (C2) interrupts:

C2: You know, we shouldn’t see this as all so bad. There are positives. We should be more balanced in how we view this.
       (After a brief stunned silence)
C3: Maybe, you are right. The neighbors have brought a lot of good food.
       (Wife of C1 sobs)
C2: Mary, Mary, please don’t worry. Already many of the condolence cards have money in them. And I’ve already set up a GoFundMe for you. People are really going to be moved by this. You won’t be left destitute.
       (Mary leaves the room sobbing. Her son and sister follow. | After a brief silence …)
C2: You know — truth be told — he wasn’t the greatest guy in the world. I’ve personally seen him litter and waste precious resources. Like at family gatherings, sometimes, he’d eat the leftovers, as if no one else might want them. And the toilet paper he’d waste blowing his nose was unbelievable. On the bright side: it’s one less polluter.
C4: (Shocked) He had an allergy, DICK! It was cheaper than Kleenex.
C2: Funny you should mention cheap! At least now they won’t be running to the store every half-week for fresh supply.
C4: (Through gritted teeth) YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS OUTSIDE?
C3: (Rapidly interrupting in a silky tone) Don’t you think we should be grateful how rapidly the authorities found the culprit?
C4: (Agitated) Except she and some of US know he’s not the one. We pretty much know who did it and they are covering it up. It’s one of their own and they are finger-pointing like you wouldn’t believe. And if Mary speaks up too loudly … Well, the simple truth is, she won’t. She has a son.
C2: Good grief, Dyliana. You always were a too-ripe fruit cake, and now you’ve got Mary all obsessed with conspiracies and fearing for every-bodies’ lives. That’s just bizarre.
C4: Bizarre? BIZARRE!!? This is MURDER[6] and YOU are talking food donations and GoFundMes and littering and pollution relief and positives and TOILET PAPER!!! God help us!! Please, … God help us all![7] (Buries face in hands — in violation of the new regulations)

* School play is a CiA-like scripted street-drama / presentation / event (camouflaged as seemingly unscripted real-life) for psy-op, propaganda, or other nefarious purposes.

1. Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat Covid-19 crisis (March 22, 2020 | 2:47:48) at
2. Sample of headlines:
» There’s an unlikely beneficiary of coronavirus: The planet (CNN | March 17, 2020)
» Satellite data shows air pollution drop in Europe amid COVID-19 lockdowns (CBC | March 27, 2020)
» Coronavirus quarantines, stay-at-home orders lead to pollution drop, studies find (FoxNews | March 30, 2020)
» Coronavirus shutdowns have unintended climate benefits: cleaner air, clearer water (NBC | March 31, 2020)
3. Georgia Guidestones:
5. (who in hindsight was discovered to be embedded with DeepGlobal as a covert CiA asset, and in addition was a fanboy of the psy-op pioneer, Edward Bernays (See )