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A Gift Horse …?

(to Ourselves & thus the WO?)

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Yes, People of the World, it seems we have given ourselves a gift horse — a Trojan — packed full of psychopaths, their sycophants, obedients, and naïveténts. For decades, we have let sycophants and psychopaths continue in power (re-electing many of them, time after time) despite their lies and crimes; despite their legislations enshrining “emergency” powers designed specifically to strip citizens of human rights. We have condoned all this by our distractions and our silence. So WHY, O WHY should we be surprised when there is a deliberate creation and / or manufacture of “emergency” to justify invoking those powers that have, in short weeks, stripped us of human rights. (BUT, only temporarily, you cry!!) Except permanent has been the whole agenda of WO from day one. And if the Powers decide to ease-up draconian measures for a short time in order to get the vaccinations voluntarily done (with unbelievable profit to the industry as many governments generously offer to pay the bill or as corporations receive hidden compensation for alleged “free altruism”), what happens when a renewed “plandemic” sweeps the world, as it surely will. This beyond perfect scenario will not be allowed to go to waste.

So THINK, THINK, THINK: If you were a psychopath — a person without conscience (a PWOC) — and you wanted to achieve a population reduction to 500 million (from 7.8 billion) per the Georgia Guidestones,1 what would your perfect scenario be in five easy steps?

First, hype people into stressed-out fear of a “novel” virus (i.e., create a “plandemic”);
Second, create a hue and cry for a saving vaccine to be mandated worldwide without exception — a global cry by the People for “herd” obedience;
Third, “inadvertently” mix live, virulent virus into selected vaccine doses (believe it or not, a déjà vu2) with plausible reason given to hurriedly recruited or authorized “health” workers to administer certain variants to certain populations or persons;
Fourth, blame the ensuing, escalating deaths on preexisting condition, on failure to comply (even though they had), or on the rebellious, irresponsible un-vaccinated; and
Fifth, silence or disparage any and every person who questions, counters, or exposes the official narrative or opposes the “will of the [psy-oped] People.”

This is truly a beyond perfect scenario for the will of the WO.

BUT, a word to the psychopaths and all their assistants: the Peoples’ complicity in your crimes in no way shifts justice and judgment from you. What you have sown, that shall you personally reap. So this is an invitation to all aiders and abettors: Cease to aid and abet the lies and liars.


● sick of abusing the public;
● sick of violating human rights;
● sick of following orders against your conscience;
● sick of spreading their chemical and bio contaminations for a pay cheque;
● sick of lying (or covering for lies) for the hierarchy;
● sick of pretending the economy is not a house of cards;
● sick of sending out corporate messages of “we’re in this together” and then cutting off utilities, calling loans, price gouging, etc., etc.;
● sick of being blind and deaf to things as they really are, as they really have been, and as they really will be unless each one of us awakens to the unconscionable evil into which the Powers have descended;
● and on and on.

So many of these “emails of solidarity” that we are all receiving sound like an inverse déjà vu of Hitler – of all the things he promised he wouldn’t do and almost immediately did. Are these 2020 solidarity promises just red flags of what’s coming down the pike – of promises to “do helpful things” that will NOT be done? Though it may not be an inverse at all for the implications of the promises are that certain things will not be done in this crisis time, yet some of those things are already being done, adding to the stress and desperation of people who feel powerless.

Here is a second 2020 update from Corbett that every soul should study:

Medical Martial Law 2020 (corbettreport | March 21, 2020 | Time 1:09:40) at
also at:

This Trojan horse which has redounded to the ecstasy of the WO is a manifestation par excellence of the history and science of Power;3 and if we do not get a grip on comprehending what we humans are capable of vis-à-vis Authority and Power, our situation will descend even deeper into the unimaginable. But there is still hope, if only we can reject the descent of the Powers and turn them back to what is within their capability   to bless humanity instead of dominating or destroying it.

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