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A Global Stanley Milgram Experiment?

I’ve reconsidered.* This current situation may be an experiment as much as an exercise.* In this Stanley Milgram,1 WE are wearing both hats. We are both subject and learner. We are being tested to see how many shocks we will administer to ourselves or consent to absorb; how docile to authority will WE THE PEOPLE be? how deferential? So far, from their perspective, it appears to be even better than Stanley’s shocking stats at 65%. So far the majority have accepted the self-shocks. SELF-shocks of

● social-distancing despite its anti-human nature
● forced restraints from dying loved ones
● forced restraints from elderly relatives
● forced restraints from welcoming newborn family members into the world
● forced restraints from children & grandchildren
● staying-at-home
● sheltering-in-place
● school closures
● business closures
● dental office closures
● border closures
● travel restrictions
● job losses
● business losses
● limited gatherings constraining churches, weddings, funerals, concerts, reunions, rehearsals, celebrations, parades, demonstrations, protests, etc., etc.
● wearing masks forcing one to breathe in their own exhaust thus compromising oxygen intake and causing immune suppression
● Big Brother censorship by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.2
● mocking / disparaging of questioners /resisters
● Big Brother threats: fines, home invasion, confinement, imprisonment
● snitch reporting of “new rule” offenders
● open  admission that cell phones can tract your every move
● govt-paid stalkers
● having legal tender (paper & coin money) rejected
● pretending the abnormal is normal
● mandatory vaccine calls & protocols
● accepting a total surveillance paradigm
● tyrannical “emergency” powers that violate every element of Human Rights & freedoms
● believing unbelievable incongruities (and lies) presented by the Authorities / the Experts / the Powers
● and on and on and on, achieving total control that the Powers have obsessed over for decades — all pandora-ed within a PLANdemic
● PLUS fear promos every other minute by the MSM and (gain- / fame-obsessed) experts and [p]elites3

Yes, and to top it all off, while accepting these potentially life-threatening shocks (even demanding they be administered as soon as possible), WE are INSISTING, even more egregiously, that EVERYONE receive the same shocks without complaint or resistance.

It is truly SHOCKING how masochistic and sadistic we have become as a society in so short a time.

So let’s get a grip on reality. This is no New Normal. It’s the OLD NORMAL of tyrannies and totalitarian regimes. So all you rabid anti-communists / anti-fascists, look in the mirror and see what you have become: transformed into your worst enemy by fear and lying wonders.

* See
1. Stanley Milgram
2. Whether you love or hate FOX (which I personally dislike, along with every other MSM order-following, Milgramite corp), I found this short excerpt on a search which details in 1 min. 10 sec. the Big Brother mentality of Google: Laura Ingraham Calls Out YouTube Censorship during COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (hipe GALAXY) at
3. [p]elites as in pretend / pseudo / pompous / perfidious / psychopathic, etc., etc.

NOTE: This is not to disparage Stanley Milgram. His important work of bringing awareness and enlightenment to our flawed natures has been co-opted and misused by the abusers of authority and power.