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A Plague of Milgramites

This post is not intended to disparage Stanley Milgram.1 His “shocking” experiments revealed to the world how easily ordinary humans would suspend their intellect and moral base in order to follow the directives of “authority” figures. Understanding Milgram’s findings is to understand, in part, how Nazi Germany happened and how, in 2021, once good and honorable people are repeating the suspension of thought and morality, and thus aiding and abetting in crimes against humanity as they repeat: “I was just following mandates (orders).” Thus, I use the term Milgramite as a reminder of what Milgram revealed about obedience and human nature. In short, the world of 2021 is suffering a plague of harm and harming by those trusting in and obeying “authority” in hierarchies of deception and mindless obedience.

As counter to this plague of Milgramites,2 there are many valiant, honorable thinkers and observers of what is really happening. Here are a few:

Drs. Paul Alexander and Mark Trozzi – The War On Our 5-11 years olds ends when CDN Mothers Stand Up!
(Vaccine Choice Canada | Time 1:20:35) at

1. Stanley Milgram:

2. (being each and every soul believing in, supporting, and furthering the COVID narrative and demanding the same of others)