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A Plea to the Bully Pulpit

Would the powers that be please schedule an open, global convention to discuss the despicability of bullying? Of course, we are beginning to name (and condemn) it for what it is, though we have a long way to go, particularly when it happens in families, or when the bully is especially powerful, wealthy, or famous.

SO, if you are part of a family, or if you are especially powerful, wealthy, or famous—or want, or plan to be—you might be well-advised to watch a re-run of Touched by an Angel, Season 7, CD-1, Episode 2, entitled “Legacy.” There you can observe in brutal detail the way of the bully—a powerful, wealthy father.

Considering the past and present ubiquity of bullying (from the micro- to the macrocosm), we suggest an international screening of “Legacy” (with requisite permissions) for all elected and non-elected government officials, all employees of governments, all CEOs and other HyPEs* of big business, all lawyers and lobbyists, all so-called conservatives and liberals, all fathers and mothers, all gang members, and all other persons and faux-persons (as in Goldman Sachs, et al.) who may or may not fit into one of the above categories.

After the global screening, here is the plea:

▪ If you are the bully: Admit it! STOP IT! (That means even, and especially, you, Uncle Sam! And you, too, IMF.)
▪ If you are the bullied, STOP IT! Get help. NAME IT for what it is—ten thousand times ten thousand, if necessary. Don’t give loyalty to anything that violates integrity. Stand for truth and justice.

* (being Highly Paid Employees)