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A Short Message to “News Reporters”

(and others, as the shoe may fit)

You may not realize this fact, but every time you use the phrase “conspiracy theory” when posing a gotcha question to a politician or any other person, you are demonstrating a woeful and / or willful deficit of knowledge and integrity. The entire science and history of power and power-abuse for millennia is riddled with conspiracy upon conspiracy.*

So FYI-NB: The obsessive pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination has plagued every age of history and your unthinking, lip-syncing with liars and deceivers is unconscionable. You and your thoughtless colleagues (who imagine “conspiracy theory” to be the perfect end-of-discussion, end-of-reputation trope) form the supine base of the power-abuse pyramid. The use of this phrase to discredit others, immediately discredits YOU. It is prima facie proof that YOU cannot be trusted to know or report anything of value; anything of relevance to truth.

Except, there is still hope, if you will:

  WAKE-UP to history.
     WAKE-UP to patterns of power-abuse.
        WAKE-UP to reality.
           WAKE-UP to your own integrity.

*Use the Search This Blog box for “conspiracy fact” and “false flag” to get a small sampling of real conspiracies in history at