Blogger-SMS | Déjà Vu ~ Times


SM is a jill-of-many-trades: writer, playwright, minor poet & composer, plus stockman’s assistant, handy-person, fencer, gardener, bread-maker, family historian, chief repairer of an awesome, 101-year old house, and on and on, as varying circumstances require.  Here are ten 6 to 7 word memoirs that briefly describe some of SM’s life and views:


▪  so much to read; so little time
▪  so much to learn; to relearn
▪  always running out of time and daylight
▪  writes to nourish our better natures
▪  believes the best economy is a gift economy
▪  third sibling of half-a-dozen ranch-raised kids
▪  grad: B.A. (psychology), A.S. (LEJA), J.D. (law)
▪   observer of endless, historical déjà vus
▪  believes truth and goodness will eventually prevail

 (Law Enforcement & Justice Administration)