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“Alien” Agenda?

Considering the

▪ missing Pentagon trillions;1
▪ gov’t. / corporate obsession with secrecy;
▪ admission of a “black budget”;2
▪ proliferation of UFO witnesses;
▪ Reagan’s reference to the usefulness of a common enemy (as in “alien”) to unite humanity;3
▪ many “alien” movies over the years;4
▪ repeated use of false flags and propaganda to manipulate humanity for purposes of pursuing (and protecting) power and gain agendas by persons without conscience;5
▪ etc. etc.

perhaps we could still learn a thing or two by listening to two credible witnesses concerning “alien”(?!) agendas:

UFO’s for 21st Century Minds | Richard Dolan & Catherine Austin Fitts
(Time 1:44:23) at

3. Short clip of Reagan’s ALIEN speech to UN:
5. For examples see: ; ; also ;