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An Appeal to Government re De-banking

If anyone has experienced de-banking or fears de-banking in Canada, please flood your elected officials with requests similar to this. Feel free to use the email text below:

Emails (11 addresses) sent May 20, 2024 at 2:14 PM MDT

Request for Legislation to Prohibit De-banking

Greetings Premier Danielle Smith, Deputy Premier Mike Ellis, and Alberta Ministers: Dale Nally (Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction), Matt Jones (Jobs, Economy and Trade), Mickey Amery (Justice), Jason Nixon (Seniors, Community and Social Services)

As de-banking has become a growing trend to censor and punish free speech, expression, and opinion, will the Alberta government be a leader and first in Canada to enact protective legislation as was done in April 2024 in Tennessee, USA? Here is the background:

● Tennessee Bill Would Prohibit Financial De-Banking for Political, Religious Beliefs Johnson and Zachary sponsored bills, “HB 2100 and SB 2148, that were signed into law prohibiting banks, insurers and other financial institutions from “denying or canceling services to a person, or otherwise discriminating against a person, based upon the use of a social credit score or other factors.”

● Tennessee Gov. Lee signs first-of-its-kind de-banking bill
(Alliance Defending Freedom | April 23, 2024 |

Here is a summary and links to the relevant Tennessee legislation prohibiting de-banking:

HB 2100 –
SB2148 –

As enacted, requires financial institutions and insurers to make determinations about the provision or denial of services based on certain analysis; prohibits financial institutions and insurers from denying or canceling services to a person, or otherwise discriminating against a person, based upon certain factors, including the person’s political opinions, speech, or affiliations, or religious beliefs, religious exercise, or religious affiliations. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 9; Title 45; Title 47 and Title 56.

Bill as enacted by Tennessee Gov. Lee April 22, 2024