Blogger-SMS | Déjà Vu ~ Times

An Observation

If experience and observation attest that our physical & social worlds are composed of opposites, as in

light – dark wet – dry
hot – cold in – out
high – low fast – slow
smooth – rough open – closed
moving – still order – chaos
truth – error give – take
action – reaction infinite – finite
positive – negative inductive – deductive
dilation – contraction inspiration – expiration
matter – antimatter attraction – repulsion
optimism – pessimism many – few
seeing – blind hearing – deaf
health – sickness pleasure – pain
hope – despair virtue – vice
peace – war etc.- etc. (ad infinitum)

why do some scientists reject a cosmos comprised of opposites:

– inhomogeneous AND homogeneous patterns (as in clusters/super-clusters AND smooth background);
– progression/evolution AND regression/decay (as in some things forever aggregating/improving and others coming apart at the seams (and in-between)?

IF infinity is real and applies to truth, order, justice, and all things of good report, maybe we could dispense with the worm-holes, black-holes, and sink-holes of “What’s the point?”

AND speaking of “points:”

How long can the assumptions of the BIG BANG (et al.) keep banging up against observation without popping like the old geocentric bubble? How long till CERTAIN scientists lose their certainty? How long till peer review is exposed for what it frequently is—peer pressure to conform to vested theories and assumptions—cocooned in authoritarianism? “Déjà vu, all over again!” as the Yogi said.

HOWEVER, there is also that other déjà vu where worthy theories survive, order reasserts itself, enlightenment travels, and where infinity is the manifest opposite of BANG BANG, you’re dead and gone and pointless.*

Author’s caveat and disclosure: one thing I feel fairly certain about is the possibility that I could be wrong about pretty much everything! (Our knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and discernment are so limited.) But in my quest for “what is real,” (and trans-real?!) some things make more observable AND spiritual sense than others, even: “To infinity and beyond!”**

* Paraphrase of American theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg
** Buzz Lightyear