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Another Open Appeal: For the Sake of Conscience

This is not just an appeal to government, but an appeal and invitation to citizens everywhere. No body, government or otherwise, should be able to violate the conscience of another through coercion without being called to account and to consequence. Let us keep up the pressure for consequence. Here is another email appeal sent to Alberta Government officials today, 2 Feb. 2024:

Greetings: Premier Smith, Health Minister LaGrange, Justice Minister Amery, MHA Minister Williams, PSES Minister Ellis, CFS Minister Turton, Education Minister Nicolaides, SCSS Minister Nixon

Subject: Another Open Appeal: For the Sake of Conscience

If we are experiencing a shortage in any of the professions in Alberta (medicine, mental health, legal, teaching, enforcement, gov’t. service, etc.), have we inquired into the number of people of integrity who were fired, de-licensed, discriminated against, or forced from their employment or activities for the sake of conscience? The National Citizens Inquiry* revealed a shocking number, Canada-wide, and that was only out of 305 witnesses.

Until we clear out the fear and / or corruption within the Professional Colleges, we will make only halting progress toward recovery from an unsustainable, destructive, coercive health-narrative.

PLEASE solicit, investigate, and compile a comprehensive list of Albertans who were persecuted or suffered losses for the sake of conscience. Let the Alberta Dept. of Justice take this on by appointing a special arbiter to document the extensive losses to individuals and thus to Alberta as well.

We need to document and remediate these losses. Justice needs to prevail.