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Babylon Boomerang

This post is in commemoration of the annual Babylon Boomerang that begins every December 26th. In some countries, it is called “Boxing Day” in accidental acknowledgement of all the gifts (unwanted, unneeded) that giftees box up to return to the “free” market for cash (or preferably credit from the POV of a bait and switch Babylon).

Of course, for most giftees, cash is the preferential return which, in this world, in large measure, is the compensation they really needed in the first place, as in:

◦ a good job (including self-employment);
◦ good wages and benefits;
◦ generous returns for labors performed;
◦ lower mortgage / loan / credit-card rates;
◦ reasonable health, food, shelter, utility, education, & legal costs;
◦ etc., etc.

Surely, in this day of our sophistication, we can figure out a better way to give gifts that are needed and wanted—not for the building-up of Babylon, but so people can refocus from possessing things to having sufficient resources so they can devote their labors to improving and sharing the gifts and talents given of God for the good of all mankind.

Perhaps a lesson or two in the economics of Jesus might be helpful in turning this boomerang around:-)