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Back to the (Music) Future, Please? (as in Bee Gees, et al.)

In this time of dire need for blistering, truth-laden, protest songs, like those of Oliver Anthony, Tom MacDonald, John Rich, Tyson James, Buddy Brown, to name a few, there is also a dire need to add counter-point to the protest.

Remember the soul music of the ’50s, ’60s, & ’70s — those decades of the Bee Gees, the Supremes, the Righteous Brothers, Roberta Flack, Carole King, Johnny Mathis, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Jackson Five, Tom Jones, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin; the list goes on and on1? Is the musicality — the soul-stirring melodies — of those decades worth perpetuating when soul was the medium regardless of race or gender? when most of us openly admired and respected each artists’ talents and gifts without prejudice? when voice and melody lifted the soul from the stresses of so many of our days?

Where in 2023 can we find such melodious soul? I ask because I see Gens Y (Millennials) and Z rediscovering melodious soul and wishing it or something like it was, or had been, a part of their teens  and twenties. To make a “heavenly” case on point, here are first reactions to the Bee Gees “(Nobody Gets) Too Much Heaven”:

Songwriter reacts to Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven (THIS GOT ME IN SHOCK!)2

First Ever Hearing Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven (Reaction!!)3

First Time Hearing Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven Reaction4

First Time Watching BeeGees – Too Much Heaven (reaction)5

Bee Gees Too Much Heaven Reaction6

FIRST TIME HEARING Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven (Official Music Video) REACTION They Spoke To My Soul7

First Time Hearing Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven REACTION8

From these seven reaction videos (and there are thousands), we witness the power of music to lift souls and transcend boundaries of every kind; and so I ask: Will there be a future for old or new soul artists that transcend the years and heal the manufactured divides engineered by tyrannical forces? Or are the catalogues of soul music targeted for buy-up and then deep-sixing from the plebeian masses because real soul music has too much universal appeal; too many unifying vibes; too much longing, healing, hope, and truth-telling. Soul music creates “too much heaven” when hellish things are being done; and they know it.

So, please, artists of melodious soul: DO NOT sell your soul music to devouring corps.9 In these days of war on freedom, culture, sociality, and truth, soul music might prove the unchained melody10 that leads us out of and beyond the tyranny and faux-topia of The Great Reset Deception.

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