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Blinding Paradigms?

At some future day, say even 100 years hence, will observers look back upon the age of baby-boomers and their offspring as a bizarre time of dizzying technology AND stupefying intransigence? Will someone begin to quote Charles Dickens,1 lamenting:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of [staggering stupidity hubris]”?

And will someone observe that great crimes were orchestrated by “tight-lipped authorities” who believed that their “superlative truisms” governed the cosmos and all therein and thereout?

▪ Will we even be here in 100 years (yea, even 50) if geoengineering2 and HAARP3 (et ilk) continue their secret combinations (chemical and otherwise)?

▪ Will corporate capitalism4 have lost its gloss in the wake of cause, effect, consequence and destruction; and will it finally be observed that the “capital system” damned more creativity and innovation than it ever encouraged?

▪ Will the nuclear energy industry have finally drowned in its own indestructible, toxic waste?

▪ Will militant scientists atheists finally be recognized for what they are: dogma-driven tyrants—as déjà vu the Inquisition as every other militant bully of past and present?

▪ Will the lies of GMO and industry-sponsored “studies” finally be acknowledged as profit-driven frauds?5

▪ Will the Big Business of fast-food & health chronic sickness finally admit that what is ingested makes a difference?

▪ Will the medical and psychiatric professions have finally accepted evidence-based  (i.e., mostly non-profit and non-pharmaceutical) solutions to the recurring / enduring pain epidemics?6

▪ Will the Electric Universe7 (and other theories that challenge the standard model) have been given a fair and open hearing?

▪ Will “cultural superiority” have given way to the observation that ancient civilizations knew and achieved things we haven’t begun to match?8 that progress has not been linear and gradual? that civilizations, equal or superior, have fallen into dust in obsessive pursuit of excess, disparity, power, and gain? (Oh, déjà vu—again!)

▪ Will the predilection to conspiracy by those pursuing power and gain (and their desperation to deny it) finally be openly acknowledged as a ubiquitous, historical déjà vu?

▪ Will citizens of the “great superpower” ever admit the pivotal role their nation played in the destruction of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, worldwide?9

▪ Will the CAO’s of geoengineering and HAARP be tried and condemned for acts of supreme conceit and criminality (before it’s too late)?

The list could go on and on.

And for those who think that God (plus all the above) is just another blinding paradigm, I suppose we shall all know, sooner or later.

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8. This is not to say that modern scientific and mechanistic man has not achieved incredible things (a current example being the Rosetta mission:, but it is to say: It is highly unlikely that our mechanical and energy systems are the only or even most efficient systems possible in making great discoveries or advancements. Much has been lost from the past, even as our advancements will be lost in time if we do not learn the philosophic and moral lessons of history.
9. Whether one agrees with their politics or not, there is much to learn from the facts and warning voices of Chris Hedges, Chalmers Johnson, Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein, Stephen Kinzer, Noam Chomsky, etc., etc., etc. Take time to read their books or “YouTube” them. It’s time! Perhaps past time.