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(In remembrance of the 250th anniversary of Pangloss’s birth) Pangloss was Voltaire’s fictional philosopher of optimism in his satirical work, Candide (written in 1759 AD). According to Pangloss, “… all that is is for the best. If there is a volcano at Lisbon it cannot be elsewhere. It is impossible that things should be other […]


How Long Till We Get It??!

—▪ that unregulated competition destroys competition.—▪ that mergers and acquisitions are mere façades of growth.—▪ that too-big-to-fail SHOULD MEAN too-big-to-be!—▪ that short-term profit mentality does not produce long-term productivity.—▪ that “opposites attract the same lobbyists.” (So whether conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat, the concessions and catering to power-brokers descends the same beaten path.)—▪ that unregulated

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The TEN DICTATES (& Natural Selections) of the Laissez-faire Market-Place

~~~1. Thou shalt have no other economic theories before you.[1]2. Thou shalt[2] research, develop, and manufacture goods and services, but above all, the DESIRE for goods and services; and NEVER bow to any attempts to regulate the natural order (and flow) of desire and laissez-faire markets.3. Thou shalt not permit critics of the laissez-faire market-place

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Money Woes!!!

The obsessive pursuit of profit & wealth (gain) has been with the world since Cain killed Abel*; and has been the subject of lamentation in every age. Here is a small sampling of lamentations and warnings:** King Solomon (900s BC)How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to

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To Loyalists* Everywhere

(*Addressed specifically to every soul upset by Déjà Vu criticisms & more generally to Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, rebels, terrorists, groupies, nationalists, globalists, sectarians, and loyal dependents of every stripe—including those dependent on an employer’s pay cheque[1] or those intimidated by dependency into the façade of loyalty; etc., etc.)Every desired value has its

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Adam Smith’s Open Letter* to Former-President George W. Bush (et al.)

(*First published in 1759 in anticipation of many presidencies, and also includes Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, and other heads of state; therefore Mr. Bush is not the first to receive this open letter, nor shall he be the last. It’s all déjà vu for Mr. Smith.)[Dear Mr. Former-President:] [I, Adam Smith, first published this observation

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