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Empty Houses

by SMSmith Curried greenAnd seen if seenIn the hasteOf a summer’s morn. Not seenIn winter daysIn the overcastted lateOf dream-spent spendersCaughtIn the nightOf artificial light. From body-tiredTo mindless easeFrom consuming, routinedHours to pleasePowers and privilege. Weekend escapesVacation leavesPast miles unseenFrom abodes unseenDouble-locked and alarmed. Embellished wallsWide, mortgaged hallsAllVaulted silence. Emptied In the endless searchFor enoughOf […]

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va: Hummer Bummer

“I am so bummed,” the usually elegant Sondra said before I even had a chance to say, “How are you?” We were meeting for our monthly Cheesecake luncheon and I had never seen, let alone heard, her so disturbed. “You should see our neighborhood!” she exclaimed in disgust. “It looks like a war zone! Our

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