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Bullies & Bravehearts

Once more we are witness to a “David & Goliath” encounter. In that ancient battle, those standing on the sidelines in the valley knew the outcome could change their lives forever. This 2016 incarnation reaches far beyond any valley or nation. It is global and has already had catastrophic impact.

So, if you don’t think you have the time or energy to join the bravehearts, at least learn about them in their own words—NOT from the words of mammon-bloated bullies. Here is their story:

Caravan To Midnight – Episode 572 Vaxxed:
From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
(Time 1:38:39) at

(When videos are taken down or censored, search the title on YouTube to see if it had been mirrored somewhere else.)

You can listen to this while driving, waiting, eating, cooking, doing chores, or just lounging, but LISTEN*, please. The outcome of this battle may prove to be one of the pivot points of history.

* Listen to the guests. You may not agree with the host’s politics or views, but do not let that sidetrack your attention. If he becomes too distracting, there are many other places to hear this account. Just go to YouTube and search Vaxxed. You can also review: or