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No! No! No!

I just read in my local paper an article titled, “Self-care critical during pandemic” by Sonya Brown, Health Promotion Facilitator with Alberta Health Services. Number 10 of her “ten small, simple self-care habits that we can all make time [for]” is «10. Most importantly, learn to say “no” to anything that doesn’t bring you joy.» …

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The Way of Fame?

Sell my soul? My true crossroads story. (Time 26:38) at How many of those who take the fame-bait become our beloved idols? our SuperStars? yet in reality, are secret-covenant slaves? From minor actors to mega-stars, how often do we see the tragedies of fame leak out in fits and starts of bizarre behaviors and addictions? …

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Hypocrisy of YouKnowWhoTube?

Before I could even post, recommending this shocking exposé of hypocrisy and marketing of children, the End Times News Report video was DELETED by the lords of increasing censorship. (Oh, déjà vu!!) Here is evidence: EXPOSED! Dangerous Pedophile Rings & Child Traffickers On YouTube (Time 51:28) at Disturbing, graphic content exposing a reality that …

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Psychopathy: The Way of the World*?

Ignoring Satan [and his proxies] empowers [them].                    ~ Russ Dizdar1 ~ Psychopath Magnets Exposed–Dr Katherine Horton interviews Dr Paul Marko (Time 1:52:38) at How much empowerment are we contributing by our ignorance of psychopathic traits and structures? How much are we and others suffering because we …

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