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The T-Point?

Perhaps it’s time to revisit a Déjà Vu~Times post from September 29, 2009 titled “Are We There Yet (at the T-point)?”1 because, it seems that we have indeed arrived — on the dual wings of a bio-weapon. Some anarchists, who see this as a left-wing coup feel vindicated in their warnings about leftists and are …

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(OR Déjà Vu of “The Terrible Twos”?) This post is in commemoration of the 107th Anniversary year of the founding (1907) of Ayn Rand’s (1905-1982) philosophy of “Objectivism.”1 Before you swear in outrage at this ridiculous accusation, let me swear: “This commemoration arises out of Ayn’s very own words.” Check it out yourself: “I was …

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One More Nail—

—in the coffin of “Objectivism.” Some say, “Two out of three ain’t bad,” but empirical observation says, “When it’s a milking stool or a tripod, or a 3-legged philosophy, two out of three ain’t enough to sit (or to hang your hat) on.” Daniel Pink’s latest book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, …

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