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By What Authority??

(This exact email was sent in batches to 587 national and provincial public servants throughout Canada on May 1, 2021.) To All Public Servants, provincial and national concerning:   Sitting Member of Parliament Threatened with Jail Time and Massive Fines!1 PLUS numerous other recent infractions of inalienable rights and freedoms.   By what authority do public servants …

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Bully Culture?

(Includes TIPS for dealing with bully enforcers) Perhaps 2020 will be remembered forever as the in-your-face unveiling of the Bully Culture. When have we ever read so many headlines or seen so many videos: ● of excessive force by “security” and police1 against mothers, seniors, bloggers, beach-strollers, bench-sitters, coffee clients, park-playing moms ‘n dads, investigative …

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Problem | Setup | Reaction | Solution

[combining the Stanley Milgram (SME-1961), Stanford Prison (SPE-1971) Experiments??] PROBLEM: THE 99% SETUP: 1) recruit the labcoats (Stanley Milgram Experiment); 2) “flood the zone” with labcoat “authority”; 3) censor, smear, intimidate, disparage all opponents / critics; REACTION: 65% believe in the labcoats with “shocking” submission to “authority”; SOLUTION (expected): 65% believers = enough enforcers to …

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Psychopathy: The Way of the World*?

Ignoring Satan [and his proxies] empowers [them].                    ~ Russ Dizdar1 ~ Psychopath Magnets Exposed–Dr Katherine Horton interviews Dr Paul Marko (Time 1:52:38) at How much empowerment are we contributing by our ignorance of psychopathic traits and structures? How much are we and others suffering because we …

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