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The Fake Trustworthy?

(aka: Checking the Fact-Checkers?) Recently, I received this reply from an elected official (EO): “I always encourage people who write into our office to be conscious of where the information is coming from. Canada is not immune from hostile states like China attempting to sow discontent in our society by sharing questionable or partially accurate […]

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A brief analysis of Edmonton City Council meeting, November 20, 2020*

**source This analysis is to remind us of Stanley Milgram1 —  to raise, once AGAIN, the “shocking” revelations of his 1960’s experiments into human nature and mankind’s propensity to obey perceived “authority” even in the face of supposed moral values and appeals to empathy. Milgram was trying to understand the high compliance / complicity within 1930-40’s Germany.

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Home Invasion?

Have we noticed — the priming of US by the Powers? One of the WHO powers laments that contagion transmission has gone from the streets into the home.1 The solution: enter the home and remove the sick (symptomatic? asymptomatic?) into quarantine? And yes, you kids, report on your parents for your family’s safety. And neighbours:

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A Gift Horse …?

(to Ourselves & thus the WO?) *Source info below Yes, People of the World, it seems we have given ourselves a gift horse — a Trojan — packed full of psychopaths, their sycophants, obedients, and naïveténts. For decades, we have let sycophants and psychopaths continue in power (re-electing many of them, time after time) despite their

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COVID ~ Covert?

A commentor at “The Last American Vagabond” put it succinctly: Economic collapse hidden behind a pandemic….. Martial laws hidden behind quarantine…. Racial & religious discrimination hidden behind health travel restrictions.[1] Is it not stunning to witness the power of one small virus (with 5 alleged variants) to lock-step nigh 7.8 billion people into a scenario

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