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Another Appeal to Medics

VIDEO: Sudden-death—turbo-cancers-canadian-doctors-speak-out1 Please join your fearless colleagues who: 1) are honoring the investigative role of true science; 2) are refusing the follow the blindness and censorship of pscience.2 Please, join your honorable colleagues at Canadian Covid Care Alliance3 ASK: What is the percentage of sick children (RSV or otherwise) in Alberta and elsewhere who are COVID …

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A Gift: the Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank – 1942 Image info below* Today marks the 80th anniversary of a birthday gift — a diary given by Otto Frank to his 13-year old daughter Anne1 (June 12, 1942). In a history anthology, Scott Allsop writes: In July 1942, barely three weeks after Anne’s 13th birthday, Anne’s older sister Margot was ordered by …

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NB: “We Will Not Forget”

This post reproduces an email appeal sent in 6 provincial batches yesterday (Feb. 16, 2022) to 185 Nay saying Canadian Members of Parliament from British Columbia (29), Alberta (4), Saskatchewan (0), Manitoba (7), Ontario (84), Quebec (36) , New Brunswick (6), Nova Scotia (8), Newfoundland and Labrador (6), Prince Edward Island (4), Northwest Territories (1), …

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The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy and Stanley Milgram Experiment #17

Portion of Facebook header of the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 Most of us know about the Stanley Milgram Experiment (SME) #5 wherein 65% of subjects were obedient to an authority figure when instructed to administer mortal harm to another person. It was a shocking finding to even the experimenters — that 65% of normal Americans …

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