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The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy and Stanley Milgram Experiment #17

Portion of Facebook header of the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 Most of us know about the Stanley Milgram Experiment (SME) #5 wherein 65% of subjects were obedient to an authority figure when instructed to administer mortal harm to another person. It was a shocking finding to even the experimenters — that 65% of normal Americans […]

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Nazi-like Narrative

Dr. Déjà Vu Will we wake up once we are plucked clean? (See image info below footnotes*) For something labelled “Never Again” it’s astounding to see its likeness rise, within one lifetime, from an alleged grave, to being as full-fleshed and psychopathic as ever. With our ubiquitous facial recognition, should our “experts” not be able to spot

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Worth 10,000 Words?

A Recycling, Mutating Déjà Vu? This post title is not meant to discourage the reading of RFKJ’s recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,1 but this cartoon from 1995 nigh perfectly summarizes his 2021 book. It depicts the mind-virus that cartoonist Joe Hoover

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A Plague of Milgramites

This post is not intended to disparage Stanley Milgram.1 His “shocking” experiments revealed to the world how easily ordinary humans would suspend their intellect and moral base in order to follow the directives of “authority” figures. Understanding Milgram’s findings is to understand, in part, how Nazi Germany happened and how, in 2021, once good and

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