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Headlines from Hell

If one doesn’t believe that pscience*1 has corrupted and taken control of the world, here are 18 headlines (of hundreds possible) that witness of the corruption of science and the mockery of mankind. History, common sense, real medical science, and human sociality have all been swept away in an MSM-sustained tsunami of psychopathic fabrications and pscientism. …

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Moral Injury?

(Breaking the moral link?) Does it give anyone pause to know that our military reservists are being set-up for “moral injury”?1 And what is moral injury? you ask. From a film-slide in the training module, it says: “A moral injury is harm caused by ‘perpetrating, failing to prevent, witnessing, or learning about actions that violate …

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Open Letter to Premier Brian of Manitoba

(and all other premiers, governors, presidents, prime ministers, and other public servants worldwide who have been groomed, seduced, and captured like unto Premier Brian) Canadian Premier’s Harsh Holiday Message … (December 4, 2020 | Now This News | Time 3:36) at Yes, Premier Brian (Pallister, et al.): COVID is real and so are the psychopaths …

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A brief analysis of Edmonton City Council meeting, November 20, 2020*

**source This analysis is to remind us of Stanley Milgram1 —  to raise, once AGAIN, the “shocking” revelations of his 1960’s experiments into human nature and mankind’s propensity to obey perceived “authority” even in the face of supposed moral values and appeals to empathy. Milgram was trying to understand the high compliance / complicity within 1930-40’s Germany. …

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Against Conscience??

An Open Appeal to Enforcers Everywhere Police, Military, Guards, Judges (including self-appointed enforcers) We are witnessing every day an escalating tyranny that requires many enforcers to act against conscience. Even a surface study of the science and history of power clearly reveals how ubiquitous power abuse becomes when the servants of the Powers feel compelled, through …

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Problem | Setup | Reaction | Solution

[combining the Stanley Milgram (SME-1961), Stanford Prison (SPE-1971) Experiments??] PROBLEM: THE 99% SETUP: 1) recruit the labcoats (Stanley Milgram Experiment); 2) “flood the zone” with labcoat “authority”; 3) censor, smear, intimidate, disparage all opponents / critics; REACTION: 65% believe in the labcoats with “shocking” submission to “authority”; SOLUTION (expected): 65% believers = enough enforcers to …

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