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Are You TransFauxbic?

Take the assessment: □ You watched Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?”1 and could hardly believe what some “experts” claimed to be real. □ You think pretending that men and women are physically / biologically interchangeable is a “bridge too far” removed from science, history, and common sense. □ You sensed that most of the …

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A Gift: the Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank – 1942 Image info below* Today marks the 80th anniversary of a birthday gift — a diary given by Otto Frank to his 13-year old daughter Anne1 (June 12, 1942). In a history anthology, Scott Allsop writes: In July 1942, barely three weeks after Anne’s 13th birthday, Anne’s older sister Margot was ordered by …

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Déjà Vu: A New Cultural Revolution

Today marks the fifty-sixth anniversary of the ‘May 16th Notification’ (1966) that effectively began the Cultural Revolution in China that brought such devastation that “In 1981, the Communist Party itself declared that the Cultural Revolution had ‘brought serious disaster and turmoil to the Communist Party and the Chinese people’.”* And what was the “great” agenda …

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