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Nazi-like Narrative

Dr. Déjà Vu Will we wake up once we are plucked clean? (See image info below footnotes*) For something labelled “Never Again” it’s astounding to see its likeness rise, within one lifetime, from an alleged grave, to being as full-fleshed and psychopathic as ever. With our ubiquitous facial recognition, should our “experts” not be able to spot …

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Follow the Ownership | Know the Control

It’s past time to see, hear, and acknowledge our place as servitors and acquiescing beneficiaries to abusing powers in this time of escalating crimes against humanity — and to realize that the corporatized benefits are coming to an end. The question? Do we have the strength to abandon the monopolies and restructure against power abuse …

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Worth 10,000 Words?

A Recycling, Mutating Déjà Vu? This post title is not meant to discourage the reading of RFKJ’s recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,1 but this cartoon from 1995 nigh perfectly summarizes his 2021 book. It depicts the mind-virus that cartoonist Joe Hoover …

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Who Knew?

Aware | Supportive | Empowered If we knew our national, provincial, state, regional, and local governments, under a variety of incorporated names, were owned and controlled by foreign, (mostly mega-corp?) shareholders, would it make a difference to our sense of trust and allegiance? Would it mean that our alleged “authorities,” and all their employees and …

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Germane* Questions

For Justice Germain, all Albertans, Canadians, et al. Pending the publication of a full transcript of Justice Adam Germain’s remarks in the Pawlowski sentencing, I rely upon news reports1 to ask: 1. IF Pawlowski’s “contempt of court” has brought the “administration of justice into disrepute” what might we call Germain’s ruling vis-à-vis inherent rights and …

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