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Why? Why? Why?

WHY, with the recent, increasing exposés of corporate greed, corruption, and criminality,1 do we still listen to their lies, their propaganda, and their spokesmen? Can we not see how the BIG guns of power and gain are firing non-stop: » at vaccination critics?» at anyone who asks why known toxins, poisons, and viral/bacterial contaminations are […]

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One More Nail?

One more nail in the coffin of scientific integrity? How the sugar industry paid experts to downplay health risks (Time: 5:49) at Sugar Industry Paid Scientists for Favourable Research (Time: 2:58 min) at See also: ● Harvard study in 1960s cast doubt on sugar’s role in heart disease, pointing finger at fat  ~ The Associated Press

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Look Out!!!

(Heads Up!) Here’s a recent CBCNews photo and headline (by Kyle Bakx/CBC): LookUpBanff billboard promotes conspiracy theory about toxic chemtrails:Highway billboard promotes outlandish theory that government is sterilizing populace with sprayed chemicalsBy Kyle Bakx, CBC News Posted: Aug 25, 2016 7:00 AM MT. Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016 7:40 AM MT at Now that the

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The Face of Servitude ?

ser•vi•tudeNOUN1. slavery or bondage of any kind: political or intellectual [or spiritual] servitude.2. …Synonyms: bondage, bonds, chains, confinement, enslavement, obedience, peonage, serfdom, serfhood, subjection, subjugation, thrall, thralldom, vassalage, yoke,(Source: In this latter-day, when the “promises” of power and gain have again captivated the imagination of most of the world and ALL of the powers that

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Ready? Set? Go!!!

Are we ready for this? for all its possibilities for creating mass deception, fear, confusion, and doubt about everything we ever believed? And this is reportedly nothing to what has been kept hidden—till all shall suddenly be presented as if real. 7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai (12:01 min.)at 7D Hologram Technology (12:02

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