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A Better World ?

Yes, indeed! It’s getting better and better—isn’t it? If you don’t believe, or you find yourself asking, “For whom?” take a listen to the Ira Basen documentary, “In The Valley of the Kings”1 [Silicon Valley, that is] (42.06 min.) at The world is certainly an over-regulated, mixed-up mess, but do we really think that monetizing […]

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Washout ?

(Re-viewing psychotropic drugs) Washout 4. (informal) 1. a total failure or disaster 2. an incompetent person ( 3. dose tapering of medication to more safely discontinue its use or to (ostensibly) eliminate its effects before commencing a different treatment regime (source: industry idiom1) But perhaps we should expand the meaning of “washout” as we consider:

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Bawdy Politics ?

(OR, Alas! Alas! Wo is US!) In remembrance of the 120th year of the death of Joseph Ferdinand Keppler (1 February 1838 Vienna – 19 February 1894 New York) … an Austrian-born American cartoonist and caricaturist, who greatly influenced the growth of satirical cartooning in the United States;[*] and the 125th year of the publication

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