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Free Agents, One and All !

Corporations—those bastions of hierarchy, planned economy, command-and-control, short-term rationalizing, meritorious disparity, creative accounting, externalized costs/internalized profits, and enforced consensus—ARE emphatically (you will be pleased to know) none of the above. They have changed. Transformed completely. They now believe in transparency, in democracy, and in YOU, the free consumer. YOU dictate what they produce (via China,

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How Long Till We Get It??!

—▪ that unregulated competition destroys competition.—▪ that mergers and acquisitions are mere façades of growth.—▪ that too-big-to-fail SHOULD MEAN too-big-to-be!—▪ that short-term profit mentality does not produce long-term productivity.—▪ that “opposites attract the same lobbyists.” (So whether conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat, the concessions and catering to power-brokers descends the same beaten path.)—▪ that unregulated

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Money Woes!!!

The obsessive pursuit of profit & wealth (gain) has been with the world since Cain killed Abel*; and has been the subject of lamentation in every age. Here is a small sampling of lamentations and warnings:** King Solomon (900s BC)How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to

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Mr. Smith [is desperately needed in] Washington*

(*AND Beijing, Berlin, Brazalia, Cairo, Canberra, Damascus, Harare, Havana, Jakarta, Khartoum, Kingston, Kinshasa, Lima, London, Madrid, Manila, Moscow, New Dehli, Oslo, Ottawa, Paris, Riyadh, Rome, Santiago, Seoul, Stockholm, Tegucigalpa, Tehran, Tokyo, Warsaw, and every other place inbetween that is feeling the pressure of extremes from laissez-faire ideology to command economies; AND in every corporate boardroom)

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