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PSRS: Operation Big Chill (OBC)?

(Problem | Set-up | Reaction | Solution  as deployed consecutive Februarys in Canada?) (The un-examined inevitability of Power v. The People: Operation Big Chill — based on déjà vu) If some tyrannic soul out there in the wide world is still wondering how to chill any and every peaceful protest, Canada just wrapped up its multi-million […]

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Is All the World a (Déjà Vu) Stage?

(Theatre in the round after round?) Events Around The World Are Perpetrated By The Elite’s Spotlight Units: Ole Dammegard (Time 1:00:39; X22 Report Special) at See also: ▪ Crowds on Demand:▪ The lucrative business of crowds for hire:▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Also search crisis simulation / drill

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“Alien” Agenda?

Considering the ▪ missing Pentagon trillions;1▪ gov’t. / corporate obsession with secrecy;▪ admission of a “black budget”;2▪ proliferation of UFO witnesses;▪ Reagan’s reference to the usefulness of a common enemy (as in “alien”) to unite humanity;3▪ many “alien” movies over the years;4▪ repeated use of false flags and propaganda to manipulate humanity for purposes of

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