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So, it has come to this! Again!

~▪ That the sun never sets on American bases and SOFA’s1 in near déjà vu of a recent fallen/defeated Empire;▪ That so many pretend that money ≠ power ≠ undue influence ≠ inevitable corruption ≠ inevitable death of freedom;▪ That we manufacture/manipulate citizen consent thru deception and propaganda and call it freedom of speech;▪ That

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Broken Pillars

Author: A. Sobkowskiruins of a Roman Templefrom Wikimedia CommonsCreative Commons Attribution/Share-alike license In the Great Courses®, Foundations of Western Civilization II series, Professor Robert Bucholz reminds us in the very first lecture, that “Above all, European culture produced certain ideas that have become pillars of our culture: 1. ‘All men are created equal.’2. ‘No taxation

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