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Too Much Strange Fire and Power-Plays

Titled: Rain Forest Fire Image Source below footnotes Below is a copy of an email sent this PM to Premier Smith and four Alberta Cabinet Ministers concerning another proposed extension of power into local matters. This parachuting of authoritarian “experts” into crisis areas is getting out-of-hand. Locals are mostly cut out of the decision-loop to […]

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#002: Hero – Hydra Stories – Dr. Peter Gøtzsche*

[On Jan 31, 2024, the Hero – Hydra story series was moved to its own blog site:] Perhaps Dr. Peter Gøtzsche should have been first in the Hero-Hydra story series,1 but I only heard his story on January 18, 2024 in this 7-min video. First, because in the 2nd video below, he speaks of

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Strange Things?

Forget Mandela Effects, Think QUANTUM POLLUTION w/Anthony Patch ~ Kev Baker Show (Time: 1:42:57) How much do we know about what is really going on in our world? Has science become god? Do we care enough to question? to stand up against hubris and tyranny? Are we even conscious of strange things?

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I wonder if any one at CERN* appreciates the irony. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is allegedly mankind’s greatest achievement, yet a weasel1 (out of all possible creatures!) shuts it down.2 That monstrous, multi-billion dollar, man-made machine—generating blasts of (hey, let’s-see-what-might-happen!) energy—succumbed to the teeth of a small Mustela. Could this event carry a message?

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