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By What Authority??

(This exact email was sent in batches to 587 national and provincial public servants throughout Canada on May 1, 2021.) To All Public Servants, provincial and national concerning:   Sitting Member of Parliament Threatened with Jail Time and Massive Fines!1 PLUS numerous other recent infractions of inalienable rights and freedoms.   By what authority do public servants

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“Mayday mayday Mayday!* Source: below footnotes To put it bluntly, we the people are in a dire state of emergency caused and exacerbated by too many: 1. power- and gain-obsessed, combined, global insiders 2. compromised, compliant domestic “officials”1 3. psy-oped, simulation “experts” and actors 4. lying critics and censors of counter-narrative voices 5. MSM lapdogs 6. servile,

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