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The Face of Servitude ?

ser•vi•tudeNOUN1. slavery or bondage of any kind: political or intellectual [or spiritual] servitude.2. …Synonyms: bondage, bonds, chains, confinement, enslavement, obedience, peonage, serfdom, serfhood, subjection, subjugation, thrall, thralldom, vassalage, yoke,(Source: In this latter-day, when the “promises” of power and gain have again captivated the imagination of most of the world and ALL of the powers that […]

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National Finals

~A short, multiple-choice exam for Nations, their presidents, prime ministers, kings, rulers, magistrates, electees, appointees, dictators, usurpers, etc., AND their lawyers, advisers, employees, go-fers, and sycophants. Examinees have 7 options: A= YESB= NOC= MaybeD= I don’t rememberE= I take the American FifthF= I’d rather go-to-hell than tell (Caveat emptor: this may constitute a technical redundancy.)X=

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