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Incentivized to … ?

Déjà Vu: The Perennial War for Minds, Hearts, Bodies? Web-search vaccine lottery* or vaccine incentives* and ponder the parallels to this: Artist: Boardman Robinson | Title: “Europe 1916”Published: 1916 | Source*** And this: The Three Temptations** ————————————————————–/*For example:*****Artist: URL: URL: Robinson, Boardman, 1876-1952, artist, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsSource; Library of CongressCatalog: …

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The Science of Money

FACTS (reproduced and reproducible—déjà vu on déjà vu): IF there is money to be made in an established procedure or protocol: ▪ it will take decades before change can occur even in the face of overwhelming science discrediting that procedure or protocol (UNLESS a new procedure or protocol with greater pelf and patent potential can …

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Hypocrisy of YouKnowWhoTube?

Before I could even post, recommending this shocking exposé of hypocrisy and marketing of children, the End Times News Report video was DELETED by the lords of increasing censorship. (Oh, déjà vu!!) Here is evidence: EXPOSED! Dangerous Pedophile Rings & Child Traffickers On YouTube (Time 51:28) at Disturbing, graphic content exposing a reality that …

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Are We Ready Yet?

(To awaken to the déjà vus?) Day 103 – DynCorp Harvest, Killing Is Good Business, Part 1[1] (Time: 16:40) at Oversight needed, US Federal Law Enforcement, disposition matrix, gov. harassment and asset seizure (Time 17:17) at (2017) PIZZAGATE MORE EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE – DENNIS HASTERT CONNECTION – OUR GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT (Time: 16:11) at …

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Look Out!!!

(Heads Up!) Here’s a recent CBCNews photo and headline (by Kyle Bakx/CBC): LookUpBanff billboard promotes conspiracy theory about toxic chemtrails:Highway billboard promotes outlandish theory that government is sterilizing populace with sprayed chemicalsBy Kyle Bakx, CBC News Posted: Aug 25, 2016 7:00 AM MT. Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016 7:40 AM MT at Now that the …

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