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Re-education for the CPO*!

[*College of Psychologists of Ontario – and all other Colleges (or governing bodies) that have fallen into advocacy for Pscience1 Omnipotence (also known as CPOs — Colleges of Pscience Omnipotence] Within the past three years, governing bodies worldwide have taken to censoring members and threatening their licenses for offending the powers and for resisting the …

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Area 25?

If you ▪ don’t know about “Area 25”;1 ▪ are one (or know a loved one) who can’t “snap out” of melancholy or depression; ▪ are seeking greater understanding of mental illness and mental health; these broadcasts  from “Ideas with Paul Kennedy” might prove enlightening and life-saving. Wit’s End, Part 1 (54 min.) at Wit’s End, …

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