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Blissful Ignorance*

(*A tirade inspired by Salt, Sugar, [‘n] Fat) Let us NOT count the ways we are addicted. It’s too depressing. Too déjà vu. Or so it seems for all the changes we don’t make in our lives when faced with massive evidence. Take for example, our addiction to ideas—such as competition, efficiency, capitalism, bottom-line, etc. […]

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National Finals

~A short, multiple-choice exam for Nations, their presidents, prime ministers, kings, rulers, magistrates, electees, appointees, dictators, usurpers, etc., AND their lawyers, advisers, employees, go-fers, and sycophants. Examinees have 7 options: A= YESB= NOC= MaybeD= I don’t rememberE= I take the American FifthF= I’d rather go-to-hell than tell (Caveat emptor: this may constitute a technical redundancy.)X=

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