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MORE THAN once upon a time!

In the High Middle Ages (1000-1300 AD/CE), in order to combat religious instability (including but not limited to alleged heretics,[1]) the powers-that-were resorted to: 1) denunciations (openly and secretly);2) concealing the nature of charges and evidence against the accused;3) “invitations” to confess (something? anything?);4) torture to extract confessions;5) torture to extract the names of “guilty”

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Judgment at …

(All indented paragraphs are partial quotes from, or are based on portions of, the Judgment at Nuremberg film script, screen play by Abby Mann.)Sixty-three years ago (1947), the United States conducted a trial examining the issue of individual complicity of justice officials in crimes committed while in the service of the German state. This trial

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