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Ode to PETA* on Speciesism

(by SMSmith) ∆ From PETA’s speciesism campaign PETA, O PETA What petalism1 you inspire! Speaking in tongues Of bow-wow, quack, oink, and me-ow, Squawk, squeak, twitter, and hiss, And yet miss The meaning of metaphoric and Anthropomorphic ‼ “We’re offended,” you say, At the way selfie-sapiens Are so casual and careless With attribute slanging […]

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by SMSmith Near drowningIn tsunamic rush.Irrational.DrivenAgainst the barren scapeOf reason. ReasonCaughtIn whirlsOf imbalanceScreamingPeeledLike bark from groaning willowsDriven into the inexplicableOf the root of minus one. Blinded, castFrom a realm unseenInto the abyss between.Disheveled, bruisedTorn, confused.Dreams breakingAgainst matterMatter against miracle.



by SMSmithIron locustsBelching black exhaustionRound on roundTo gorge uponThe gilt of autumn. Round on roundTo pour out ripe September. Round on roundSpewing dry-rowed chaffFor other teethTo gleanConcentric wealsInto ingots of hollow gold. Round on roundFrom dawnTo crew-cut dawnSwallowingDisgorgingArtEssenceSeasonSimilitude. Round on roundLayering strataTo invisible strataOf fruits and daysToo soonForgot. © 1987

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Empty Houses

by SMSmith Curried greenAnd seen if seenIn the hasteOf a summer’s morn. Not seenIn winter daysIn the overcastted lateOf dream-spent spendersCaughtIn the nightOf artificial light. From body-tiredTo mindless easeFrom consuming, routinedHours to pleasePowers and privilege. Weekend escapesVacation leavesPast miles unseenFrom abodes unseenDouble-locked and alarmed. Embellished wallsWide, mortgaged hallsAllVaulted silence. Emptied In the endless searchFor enoughOf

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