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Anarchy: Four Fatal Flaws?

(In Response to “The Most Dangerous Superstition”1) More and more we are encountering both theoretical and practising neo-anarchists.2 A recent encounter was through the words of Larken Rose. He has many accurate observations and criticisms of authority, and of statists, but like other anarchists, his conclusions and prescriptions contain fatal flaws, (in my view). Fatal

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No! No! No!

I just read in my local paper an article titled, “Self-care critical during pandemic” by Sonya Brown, Health Promotion Facilitator with Alberta Health Services. Number 10 of her “ten small, simple self-care habits that we can all make time [for]” is «10. Most importantly, learn to say “no” to anything that doesn’t bring you joy.»

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Questions for the Contagion Trackers

IF ● World Order (WO) were the endgame;1● power and gain were perks and aphrodisiacs;2 ● secret oaths, combinations, and conspiracies were as old as Cain;3● technology and compromise make gods of mortals;4● the masses were more controllable thru fear, isolation, distrust, uncertainty, threat, hunger, desperation, despair;5● the perfect vehicle for WO were a novel

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A Gift Horse …?

(to Ourselves & thus the WO?) *Source info below Yes, People of the World, it seems we have given ourselves a gift horse — a Trojan — packed full of psychopaths, their sycophants, obedients, and naïveténts. For decades, we have let sycophants and psychopaths continue in power (re-electing many of them, time after time) despite their

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