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Sleeper Sell-Out* | Parroting the Narrative

(An open memo to the News and Press Gangs) Further to the 2022 post: “A Short Message to ‘News Reporters,’”1 Déjà Vu Times once again suggests that “reporters” wake up to the reality of a 360° world. Your most recent media scrums and press questions relating to gender-affirming care and coercive consensus seem to come only […]

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Outside the Box?

If one is a devoted viewer of Fox News, or CNN, or MSNBC, or any other MSM (mainstream media) outlet, how about taking a break and listening to these two alternatives to see if one’s box needs ventilation.1. George Webb on CharacterDriven- Full Show (Time 1:40:02) at Routers to Rat Lines – Crowdsource the

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Our Own Worst Enemy?

This speech, “The President and the Press,” was given 27 April 1961 before The American Newspaper Publishers Association. It posed, amongst others matters, the dilemma every administration has faced of balancing openness with security/secrecy concerns. It is a speech for our day: JFK … Speech (full version) (Time 19:43) at But the part that

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