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Fwoke* Blow-Back

(*Faux-woke being actions and words that invert the original meaning of woke.1) It pretty much had to happen. You cannot take people who believe in freedom of speech, thought, expression, conscience, etc., and aggressively bully them into publicly and privately affirming and submitting to pretentious, self-obsessed diva / divo (SOD) narratives without eventual blow-back. Those

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DEI-ology: The Great Pretense*?

Has the “stay woke” of the 1930s (perhaps in use as early as the 1860s1) been appropriated by an assortment of tyrannical characters whose dei-ology plays out as a great pretense — an exercise in aggressive gas-lighting? How can we not see that for most “woke-usurpers”2 there is only one diversity that matters — the

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Our Human Duty

Considering the unrelenting déjà vus of history and human nature,1 it is our Human Duty to be awake and aware of: 1. the recycling inhumanity and domination drive of the spirit of power2 that possesses the self-anointed elites of this world; 2. the chief tools of their psychopathic-trade in captivating and enslaving souls, through: fear,

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