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A Plague of Milgramites

This post is not intended to disparage Stanley Milgram.1 His “shocking” experiments revealed to the world how easily ordinary humans would suspend their intellect and moral base in order to follow the directives of “authority” figures. Understanding Milgram’s findings is to understand, in part, how Nazi Germany happened and how, in 2021, once good and […]

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Bully Culture?

(Includes TIPS for dealing with bully enforcers) Perhaps 2020 will be remembered forever as the in-your-face unveiling of the Bully Culture. When have we ever read so many headlines or seen so many videos: ● of excessive force by “security” and police1 against mothers, seniors, bloggers, beach-strollers, bench-sitters, coffee clients, park-playing moms ‘n dads, investigative

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