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Another Appeal to Medics

VIDEO: Sudden-death—turbo-cancers-canadian-doctors-speak-out1 Please join your fearless colleagues who: 1) are honoring the investigative role of true science; 2) are refusing the follow the blindness and censorship of pscience.2 Please, join your honorable colleagues at Canadian Covid Care Alliance3 ASK: What is the percentage of sick children (RSV or otherwise) in Alberta and elsewhere who are COVID …

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An Appeal to the Medical Profession

To medics*at every level: Do you know your history? the dark-side that was avoided in your many years of training? even the recent dark history that has unfolded before your very eyes? In seeing, did you allow yourself to see? In hearing did allow yourself to hear? If not, perhaps you could begin here: The …

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Breaking Mass Formation?

Some hope for sanity: Kim Iversen: Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid (The Hill “ Sep 28, 2021 | Time 10:20) at Some real science for understanding the lemming-driven mass psychosis; the mass hypnosis. If you are still believing or want to understand the COVID narrative and where it is …

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A Representative History of Pscience

If one wants to understand the difference between science and pscience,1 Dr. Vernon Coleman gives a representative history here: Ignorance and Prejudice in Medicine (Vernon Coleman | June 10, 2021 | Time 18:04 min.) at (If censored by YouTube, see also at | And if one knows the story of Immanuel Velikovsky,2 …

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Death of Science. Tyranny of Pscience.

(A barrage of hypocrisy.) With all the censorship and maligning of counter-narrative voices, with the threats and revoking of medical licenses for challenging “authority,” with the daily, script-reading regurgitations by bought-and-paid-for MSM, with the numerous naïve believers and order-followers of the powers, science is being buried under a barrage of hypocrisy. The powers demand that …

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When FICO becomes SICO

[Caution: Reading this may negatively impact your SICO+ score.] If you haven’t yet heard, our “financial” credit score (FICO) is about to merge with our online social and browsing history. We will be ranked (and potentially yanked) according to whether we are a Socially Indexed Credit Obedient (SICO+) OR a Socially Indexed Credit Offender (SICO–) …

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