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Beyond Rational?

Has our modern passion for scientific rationalism become just one more déjà vu in the history of totalitarian ideas? As I listen to some of our most ardent, militant rationalists, the over- and undertones of tyranny are unmistakable. For many of these militants, there can be nothing beyond rational. They see only two options, rational …

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Blissful Ignorance*

(*A tirade inspired by Salt, Sugar, [‘n] Fat) Let us NOT count the ways we are addicted. It’s too depressing. Too déjà vu. Or so it seems for all the changes we don’t make in our lives when faced with massive evidence. Take for example, our addiction to ideas—such as competition, efficiency, capitalism, bottom-line, etc. …

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An Observation

If experience and observation attest that our physical & social worlds are composed of opposites, as in light – dark wet – dry hot – cold in – out high – low fast – slow smooth – rough open – closed moving – still order – chaos truth – error give – take action – …

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P-Con 002 ~ Not to Worry

(P-Con = sketch-stories exploring the déjà vu of Power, Publicity, PR, Profit, & Propoganda Concerns.) All quotes following this P-Con sketch-story are from Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning © 1995, 2002 Earth Press, Anchorage, Alaska. This HAARP U.S. government/corporate partnership story is a classic …

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Some Scientific Truths! More or Less*

(*Gleaned from CERTAIN scientists who shall remain unnamed in memory of Schrödinger’s unnamed cat.[1])  If certain scientists assume that something is possibly probable—it is MORE than possibly probable—IT IS (unless, of course, that something happens to be God). If certain scientists assume something is improbable—it is MORE than improbable—IT IS NOT (as in God)—with …

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