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AC 180

(va: The Ann Coulter Conversion)Sondra’s telephone call came before I was ready to face the day. My clock read 5:21 AM. “I’m not here,” I mumbled into the receiver. “You will not believe what just happened to me!” she exclaimed. (The enthusiasm in her voice seemed unhealthy for such an early hour.) “Oh, I know […]

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va: Beware the Spokesman!

“Talk about déjà vu!!!!!” my friend Sondra headlined in her email reporting her belated research on the state of healthcare debates.* She continued: “It was the tobacco boys all over again. Painful! Painful! Our best ’n brightest industry spokesmen—lined up like errant school chums—all prepped by their corporate-ness to the identical party-line. The new chant?—Recission.

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va: Hummer Bummer

“I am so bummed,” the usually elegant Sondra said before I even had a chance to say, “How are you?” We were meeting for our monthly Cheesecake luncheon and I had never seen, let alone heard, her so disturbed. “You should see our neighborhood!” she exclaimed in disgust. “It looks like a war zone! Our

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