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The Reality of Virtual Fakes & Frauds?

So here we go: if the CoCF1 can’t find evidence (“facts”) to compromise, smear, threaten, or blackmail every living soul, they can now (and probably since the 1990s) manufacture nigh unimpeachable evidence (proof?) of whatever they can imagine. (Like unto the days of Noah2? Like unto the times and Tower of Babel3?) Numerous studies have …

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Willing to See?

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth visualized (TED Talk ~ Time 10:02 min.) at Will our descendants, in some future year, look back on the 21st Century with incredulity? that so many scientists, researchers, and citizens could so persistently reject intelligent design? that this age was not so much an age of darkness, but of willful …

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Strange Things?

Forget Mandela Effects, Think QUANTUM POLLUTION w/Anthony Patch ~ Kev Baker Show (Time: 1:42:57) How much do we know about what is really going on in our world? Has science become god? Do we care enough to question? to stand up against hubris and tyranny? Are we even conscious of strange things?

Ready? Set? Go!!!

Are we ready for this? for all its possibilities for creating mass deception, fear, confusion, and doubt about everything we ever believed? And this is reportedly nothing to what has been kept hidden—till all shall suddenly be presented as if real. 7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai (12:01 min.)at 7D Hologram Technology (12:02 …

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