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COVID ~ Covert?

A commentor at “The Last American Vagabond” put it succinctly: Economic collapse hidden behind a pandemic….. Martial laws hidden behind quarantine…. Racial & religious discrimination hidden behind health travel restrictions.[1] Is it not stunning to witness the power of one small virus (with 5 alleged variants) to lock-step nigh 7.8 billion people into a scenario

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Déjà Vu: Pandora*?

? Donald “Jack” Trump ?Public DomainWiki Commons source below It is understandable why many concerned viewers of Trump’s impeachment “trial” were thrilled with his acquittal this past week.1 They had been so intensely focused on researching the backroom coup attempts and concealed crimes of an entrenched (DOGS-of-War) cabal2  that was opposing Trump, that they blindsided

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The Real Donald*?

Do actions speak louder than words? I suppose time will tell as it always has throughout history, but what if we could discern real intentions, real beliefs, real personality behind entrancing words without having to wait for the passage of time to confirm their trueness through action? What if, in this age of image, spectacle,

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The Making of Tyrants?

Are Trump supporters1 so caught in hard priors,2 they see and hear nothing that challenges their loyalty? It is stunning that Trump’s lawyer, William Consovoy, could have argued in federal court this past week that the President (and presumably any president hereafter) has absolute immunity from prosecution, even from investigation, for any criminal act, including murder,

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